Frequently Asked Questions

1. What all do you do?

  1. Website Design
  2. Website Maintenance
  3. Hosting (where your site lives)
  4. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  5. Logo Design
  6. Photography
  7. Photo Editing
  8. Graphic Design

2. Can you fix my old website?

Short answer, no. While there are a few exceptions, a lot of sites built over the last two decades were developed on out-of-date archaic platforms. This means security risks, tools too old for today’s standards, and lots of extra time sifting through previous web developers processes.

It is better to build a brand new website, done right from the floor-up, utilizating todays best practices and standards.

3. Can I use my current Domain Name and Hosting?

Domain Name:
Of course! We just need to make sure it points to the new website when we are ready to launch.

You can use your current hosting but we strongly suggest hosting with us. Our Care Plan includes lightning-fast hosting, proper security, backups, and monthly updates.

4. Do I own my new site?

Yes! Even if you have our Website Maintenance Care Plan and do hosting with us, you still own your website.

5. How do we part ways?

Although we would be sad to see you go, we can provide you with a full and current backup of your site so you can migrate it elsewhere. Just give us a heads-up in advance so we have time to prepare your files.

6. What is included in your Care Plan?

Our Care Plan does includes:

1. Lightning-Fast Managed Hosting. This is where your website lives.

2. Regular Scheduled Site Backups

3. Monthly Non-Structural Updates (up to 1 hour). This means any text or image changes you might require. Example: Say you have a restaurant website and you just changed your menu. You would simply just email your new menu to us and we update the site with it. The same goes for business hours and anything else you might need to be changed or updated.

4. Security SSL Certificate and Spam/Hacker Protection.

5. Technical Support. If you are having trouble with your website, we can help and advise.

7. What is NOT included in your Care Plan?

Our Care Plan does not include:

1. Structural Additions to the site – A quote can be provided to you for this.

2. Email – Google provides a great email service for about $5/mo. Example: [insert name]@yourdomain.com – Let us know and we can assist.

3. Third-Party Plugin Conflicts – If your site requires third-party plugins and it has recently updated causing a conflict with the rest of the site, we can provide a quote for resolving this issue.

4. Third-Party Plugin Switching. If a plugin you require gets outdated and must be switched to a different newer plugin, we can provide a quote to do so.

8. What if my updates require more than an hour

We always try to get your updates done within the provided 1 hour included in your Monthly Maintenance Care Plan. If your updates require more than an hour of time, our hourly rate of $65 will be billed in 15-min increments.

Got a question we have not answered on this page? Feel free to ask us below