Meet Jordan

Jordan Barnett – Lead Designer and Founder

Thank you

Thanks for taking the time to get to know me a little better. My life pretty much consists of family, music, and building things. I’m kind of a nerd and I’m ok with it. Here is a quick version of my journey:


Early Years

I grew up homeschooled, playing the piano, and often tried to take things apart to see how they worked – not always being able to put them back together again. As I got older I began to play live music out with friends and became incredibly curious about the internet in the late 90s. I subscribed to HTML web page builders like Angelfire and Geocities. I was fascinated at early web design.



I had a lot of ups and downs in my younger years. Part of what makes life amazing is the process of learning from your own mistakes and embracing the growth required to sustain a path forward.

I was extremely lucky to have some amazing mentors along the way that helped guide me through my journey – I hope to Blog about them in the near future. I also read a lot of books that helped me sort life out and focus on what is truly important.

No matter where I found myself in life, I always kept the desire to stay curious and always be a student of the unknown.


Current Life

Red Room Creative – I love helping companies with their websites and getting them on the map! It can be frustrating and overwhelming to a business owner at first, but it is so rewarding to hear their sigh of relief when these problems are solved.

Red Room Recording – Our humble recording studio! I’ve been obsessed with the art of making records ever since I was a teenager. Learn more here.

Scorched Timber – We have a seasonal candle company! I guess we are suckers for ambience. It’s a long story of how this came to be but you can learn more here.

Live Music – When I’m not working on websites, recording, or candles, I am usually playing out live cover music.  Learn more here.

Family – If the world shut down and business couldn’t thrive – you are still left with the people you love. This is the most important and most easy to neglect thing. I have found that taking time for family remains key to a better version of life – it can be such a simple but rewarding recharge for us workaholics.